MCG was presented by Dr.Amano at the ECG study group in Saitama

There was a lecture and presentation on MCG at the 15th Kita-Saitama ECG Study group held on May 27 in Fukaya, Saitama.
At the lecture, Dr. Tetsuya Amano(MD, PhD) , a professor of Aichi Medical University, gave a lecture on non-invasive examination and MCG for cardiovascular disease.
In the lecture, he explained it is important to evaluate the functional significant stenosis of the entire heart using SYNTAX score and FFR, etc when identifying cardiovascular disease.
Also he talked about expectations for MCG as a non-invasive alternative to invasive tests such as CTA and CAG, which are not recommended to the patients without symptoms.

In addition, Dr. Noboru Kujirai of Kagohara Hospital introduced cases of MCG. He explained a case about the patient with significantly higher MCG scores after PCI, and a case where restenosis was found in-stent with moderate MCG scores.

This lecture was very valuable for all audience to deepen their understanding about MCG.

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