MCG study is presented in ACC(American College of Cardiology) Asia

A  MCG study was accepted and presented at the Conference of ACC (American College of Cardiology ) Asia in December 2018.

The study was conducted in Myanmar. 30 patients (MCG score ≥ 4 ) were enrolled and compared the MCG results with the CAG results (75%-100% stenosis were positive).

The Average MCG score of CAG positive group was 7.0 and negative group was 5.4 (p<0.01). MCG cut off was 6, and it shows sensitivity:76.5%, specificity:69.2%, PPV76.5%, NPV69.2%, accuracy:73.3%(P<0.05).

The study concluded MCG showed high sensitivity and specificity, and MCG is effective as a noninvasive device for detection of severe IHD in Myanmar where catheterization facilities and doctors are very limited.

Please refer to the abstract from here.

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