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Medical entities using MCG

The benefits of medical entities by introducing MCG are as follows.
-Providing new aspect of diagnosis – activity of heart cell by detecting abnormalities at early stage
– Enrich the examination services menus and increase the value related to heart monitoring services.
– Easy examination without invasion by technicians and nurses. Doctors’ attendance is not necessary.
No Large initial investment, capital investment and maintenance expenses.
– Device is portable. It can be used for house calls as well.
– Differentiate from other facilities. Contribute increasing patients and keeping long term relationship with them by periodical examinations.
– Supportive tools for building heart disease prevention network in the area.

Please refer to our customers who take advantage of MCG for thier medical activities.

Patient using MCG

MCG is simple examination without pain(non-invasive)  and high accuracy detecting abnormalities at early stage.  – That is considered to be the benefits of MCG for not only patients but also the people who are considered to be healthy in regard to early prevention.
It can be a great opportunity to tackle with health improvement seriously if abnormalities which are not found in ordinal health checkup are detected.
Therefore, in particular, this is an examination recommended to the following people.

– People with symptoms or worried about their heart even no abnormality is found in ECG.
– High blood pressure, high blood sugar level, high cholesterol level (metabolism)
– Those who have heart surgery history (PCI etc.) and want to know the current status.
– Family member has heart disease and care about his/herself
– People with pacemakers or taking artificial dialysis (there are no contraindications on MCG)
– Those who do not want to receive radiation,
– Those who are contradiction to stress test, contrast agent, or etc.

Opportunities to utilize MCG

MCG has various opportunities to utilize.
– One of them is to use in health examination.
Non-invasive and Early detection make possible to promote early action to abnormality (improvement of lifestyle etc.)
Since catheter examination passes the catheter through the blood vessel in the body, the burden on the body is not small. MCG has no burden on the body, so it is easy and convenient and possible to perform periodically check up.

– The next one is in the field of cardiovascular medicine.
You can check the condition without invasion by looking at the change in the score according to the improvement of the treatment ( such as by PCI, etc.)

– Further, MCG can be used to check the condition improvement by lifestyle change or other treatment. (such as exercise, change in food, supplement prescription, etc.)
In particular, in cheletion therapy, MCG can be used to grasp the improvement by the treatment.


(Example of application in Japan – medical examination -)
In Japan, MCG is introduced mainly as one of the heart examination menu in health check up centers and the comprehensive health check up service (called “human dock”).  They are making full use of the benefit  of MCG, which are non-invasive and early detection.
For health checkup, MCG is one of the various examination menu in “heart dock” or used as an option menu to check heart condition.
The examination fee varies depending on the medical entities, but the private premium dock tends to charge addional premium value on MCG services.

( Example of application in the US – First aid -)
In the United States, MCG is used in ordinal medical practice.
Also in the United States, the application in emergency room is drawing attention now. In the United States, about 30% of emergency patients who complain of chest pain are said to be diseases other than the heart, and in many cases it is difficult to make a diagnosis. The cases have been frequently reported that insurance does not cover the hospital’s treatment cost in case of misdiagnosis.
Therefore, attempts to reduce misdiagnosis have been drawing attention by using MCG, including Orlando Health Hospital, where a large-scale trial is scheduled to be carried out.
MCG has won the Innovative Award from the American Heart Association (AHA) by this effort.






Business with Premier Heart

Traditional EKGs are obsolete, only accurate 30% of the time for the later stages of obstructive coronary artery disease. Convincing evidence from two major studies ,  of nearly 1,000,000 patients from multiple institutions in the United States have definitively concluded that even the cardiologists in the best institutions, armed with “gold standard” stress imaging tests, still produce a 60+% false positive rate (with at least a 10% false negative rate), sending tens of thousands to unnecessary angiograms, coupled with high costs, inaccessibility, delays in diagnosis, and, exposure to radiation, IV drugs, or stress. Women, more than men, in particular, die from cardiovascular disease simply due to the lack of a better tool!

But what I present to you today is a solution to this dilemma: The MCG, Multifunction Cardiogram. MCG only requires a 10-minute test to collect resting ECG data without radiation, drugs, or stress. This test, supported by a centralized automatic analysis engine, can dramatically improve a clinician’s diagnostic capabilities far beyond what their current arsenal can hope to deliver, especially for the detection and quantification of obstructive coronary artery disease, at a fraction of the costs demanded by the current telescoping of stress imaging tests.

After decades of research and development: multiple, high quality, independent and positive peer review published clinical validation trials (with the exception of only one unfortunate unexpected negative outlier) all over the world have converted skeptics into paying customers. Without any quid pro quo, independent investigators have conclusively rated MCG as five times more accurate than any traditional EKG and there time more than the stress imaging tests.

We have done our homework to ensure that MCG works in real-world point-of-care settings. The device has been cleared by FDA of multiple nations, has its own unique CPT code, and was chosen by Highmark Medicare Insurance Company as a replacement of the current stress imaging tests on the market. MCG is equally excellent for both men and women in early detection and prevention, and can easily be converted into a consumer-facing system to meet the demand of telemedicine-based self-care!

Joseph T. Shen, MD MCG Technology Developer/Founder/Invest


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