Our customers

Here is the examples of our customers. MCG is used for the health check up fo early detection, measuring the condition change after medication and treatment, long term health management of their patients, and etc in each clinic and hospital.

Hospitals and Health check up centers

  • Ryugasaki Hosipital
  • Hidaka Hospital
  • Kanadeno mori Clinic
  • Kudan Clinic
  • Tokyo International Clinic
  • Tokyo Kenko Clinic
  • Sagamihara Chuo hospital
  • Fujisawa city Health & Medical Center
  • Urata Clinic/Squall Kanazawa
  • Tanabe Chuo hospital
  • Yodogawa Christ Hospital
  • Bell Clinic

Clinics of Cheletion therapy and other therapy

  • Sanbancho Gokigen Clinic
  • Spic Clinic
  • KliniK Ebrahim & Surgery
  • Klinic Joycelyn
  • Dr.Efren’s clinic

Cardiovascular Specialist Hospital

  • Tokyo Heart center
  • Royel Vascular Center
  • Haga Clinic

Neuro and brain disease surgery

  • Suzuki neuro and brain disease surgery
  • Park side neuro and brain disease surgery