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September, 2018

  • Cardiovascular Health Level in Older Age may associate with Cognitive Decline
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August, 2018

  • Premier Heart exhibited MCG in the 59th Annual scientific meeting of Japan Society of Ningen Dock.
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  • MCG is used in “total heart examination” in Japan’s No.1 Cardiovascular Specialist Hospital
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  • Coming Soon!     Annual scientific meeting of health checkup centers in Japan
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July, 2018

  • More time spending in sitting is related to the cause of cardiovascular disease
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  • MCG is newly introduced by Fujisawa City Health & Medical Center
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  • MCG is introduced by Klinik Ebrahim & Surgery in Malaysia
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June, 2018

  • A MCG clinical study is accepted in the largest conference for Health Checkup centers in Japan.
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  • FFR-guided PCI strategy showed significantly lower rate of composite end point of death, myocardial infarction, or urgent revascularization.(FAME2)
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  • Premier Heart exhibits MCG in the 59th Annual scientific meeting of Japan Society of Ningen Dock.
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May, 2018

  • The leading cause of death for diabetics
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  • It is challenge for conventional imaging technology to find abnormality of small vessels
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  • MCG is introduced as a “State-of-the-art medical equipment” for ischemic heart disease in a famous Japanese magazine
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April, 2018

  • MCG study is presented at ESC Acute Cardiovascular Care 2018
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  • Premier Heart International attended ASEAN Medical Devices CEO meeting in Tokyo
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